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[27 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 786 views]
JooJoo will ship March 25

The device that started off as the Crunchpad, now called the JooJoo, would start shipping by March 25, according to the company that makes it, the start-up Fusion Garage.

The JooJoo comes with a 12.1-inch capacitative screen (the iPad is 9.7 inch)

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[25 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 4,792 views]

Some facts on Steve’s Devices.
For the quarter ended Dec 31, 2009:
1. Number of iPhones sold: 8.7 million
2. Number of Macs sold: 3.4 million
3. Number of iPods sold: 21 million.
4. Apple Quarterly Revenue: $15.68 billion
5. Apple Net Quarterly Profit: $3.38 billion
6. Earnings – $3.67 per diluted share
7. Cash generated in quarter: $5.8 billion

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[25 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 757 views]
“I have an iPhone, I don’t need an iPad”

Five out of Six people with an iPhone feel they dont need an iPad, according to a survey by Admob. ”

The results, from an opt-in survey of 960 respondents that AdMob ran in January, suggest that the iPad lacks the iPhone’s gotta-have-it hotness.

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[24 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 869 views]

“Apple said Tuesday that sales of its upcoming iPad device will follow a model similar to that of the iPhone during its onset, with availability limited to the company’s direct sales channels and select other retail locations that receive Apple assistance.”
See. Hitler knew that
Source: AppleInsider

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[24 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 878 views]
Tim Cook: “We can’t wait to start shipping it”

Answering questions at Goldman Sachs’ annual tech conference in San Francisco (where he is one of the keynote speakers), Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer says he’s been using an iPad for about six months and says Apple “can’t wait to start shipping it.” He also touched upon Apple’s decision on the iPad price point (as low as $499)

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[23 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 15,975 views]
iPad Demand greater than that of iPhone?

Basing its analysis on a survey by RBC/ChangeWave, AllThingsD is reporting that the intial demand for the iPad is defintiely more than the demand that existed for the iPhone. While pent-up demand for a tablet from Apple could be one reason, most of us know the main reason for such demand: Price. Abramsky’s estimate for iPad sales in CY 2010: Five million units

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[23 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 1,860 views]
OneForty and iTunes App Store: Do They Intersect?

“Well, its just an app directory” – this was our initial reaction to OneForty. Then the iPad came along. Then, the iPad app fever began. Then, (in an unrelated development) Twitter said it plans to make money. That got us thinking: can we think of a scenario where OneForty and the iTunes App Store would truly intersect? (Read on to see what we mean by ‘true’ intersection).
At its core, the iTunes App Store is primarily a “device-driven” ecosystem. You take out the device, and nothing makes sense (well, more or less). …

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[23 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 665 views]
A4: The Billion Dollar Chip?

Reading through an article in the New York Times on why chipmakers must be focussing on smartphones to be part of the future, we got a piece of information about Apple’s A4 chip that powers the iPad: that its a billion dollar chip. Even without the direct investment of a factory, it can cost these companies about $1 billion to create a smartphone chip from scratch.

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[22 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 1,449 views]

We found a very good presentation on designing for the iPad, by Evan Doll, a former Apple employee. Have Fun!
Stanford CS193P – Designing for iPad
View more presentations from Evan Doll.

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[22 Feb 2010 | 5 Comments | 7,254 views]

Well, there are a lot of candidates for this one. No Flash / No Multitasking / No camera / No Memory slot etc. But we believe the dumbest thing Apple did with the iPad has got to do with a small technicality: You can open/view MS Office formats on the iPad, but you cannot save the work you do in iWork, in MS Office formats.
But Apple has also made iPad versions of its iWork suite for word processing, spreadsheet editing, and presentation creation — for just $10 each, and they …