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[28 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 1,722 views]
250 Million Tablets By 2017

Statspotting is reporting that some 250 million tablets would be sold by 2017.
We spotted this today:
“Shipments of consumer media tablets like the Apple iPad are expected to approach 250 million units in 2017, a report from In-Stat suggests. While analysts at In-Stat see tablet adoption growing rapidly over the next six years, even a number as large as 250 million is conservative when considering the estimates other firms have recently reported. ”
Source: Statspotting

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[20 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 1,894 views]
iPad3 In Early March?

There have been some rumors on the iPad3 – now we have some dates as well –
“Apple will release the iPad 3 in early 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal’s unnamed sources. Rumors suggest the tablet will feature a high-res display.
Apple will apparently manufacture its first iPad 3 units in October, with an eye toward a launch early next year.
That report comes from the Wall Street Journal, itself quoting unnamed sources supposedly familiar with the matter. If verified, that would mean Apple is sticking with the release schedule …