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The Dumbest Mistake Apple Did With The iPad

22 February 2010 9,092 views 5 Comments

Well, there are a lot of candidates for this one. No Flash / No Multitasking / No camera / No Memory slot etc. But we believe the dumbest thing Apple did with the iPad has got to do with a small technicality: You can open/view MS Office formats on the iPad, but you cannot save the work you do in iWork, in MS Office formats.

But Apple has also made iPad versions of its iWork suite for word processing, spreadsheet editing, and presentation creation — for just $10 each, and they work with the Mac OS X versions, which can read and write Microsoft Office formats. The iPad versions also can read the Microsoft Office formats, but in a bone-headed move cannot save to them.

-from Infoworld.

If you assume that an iPad version of MS Office would take some time, then Apple just lost an unbelievable opportunity to convert hunderds of thousands of Office users into iPad users. They probably forgot that working on MS Office tools is, for most IT people, the definition of work.

PCWorld: “While Apple’s home and student customers may be fine with this annoying limitation, business users can’t be endlessly exporting documents to share with colleagues and customers. ”

While there is no doubt that this is a stupid move at this point, we all expect this stupidity to go away real fast.

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  • Gaurang said:

    I think Steve Jobs said to Walt Mossberg after the presentation that you could compose a MS Word document from scratch and mail it to your colleagues. That would contradict whats being said here.

    Check this:

  • junior said:

    Thanks for the link Gaurang.

    We are reasonably sure you cannot save your work in MS Office format, but there might be some iPad apps that come along, that might help you do that (exporting into MS Office format). What Steve Jobs might have meant is that, you could write a review on Pages app in iWork, and send it by email.

  • Josh Barrett said:

    Junior, I think Gaurang and Jobs are correct. If I’m reading the PC World article correctly, it simply says that saving as .doc cannot be set as a default save option. In other words, each time a document is saved a user would have to tick a box or otherwise select to save in .doc as opposed to .pages.

    That wouldn’t be inconsistent with Jobs statement to Mossberg.

    Of course, Jobs could have been mistaken or overselling a bit to Mossberg. I haven’t seen anything besides speculation on that point, but could be…

  • junior said:

    Thanks Josh,

    I am tending towards that as a possibility as well. If thats the case, that nullifies the argument in this post.

    Would just want to say – Apple is not new to making such dumb mistakes, the fanboiis always save the first version of Apple products.

  • iPadUseful said:

    I’m not sure this is entirely true. I posted on my blog about how you can import a Word Doc to your iPad via iTunes, edit that same Word Doc using the Pages app and then synching that document back to your computer via iTunes. It may not be AS elegant has having a native MS Office, but it works fine.

    Having said all of that, I’m not sure WHY people still think you can’t operate an office without Microsoft products. People always tell me, “We have to carry PCs because the world operates that way.” That’s just and odd statement to me.

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