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How the iPad is changing Art and Music

Robert Scoble has couple of videos and some quick pointers on how the iPad is changing Art and Music.
He has some examples of drawing portraits and composing tunes, both part of the list of scenarios we thought the iPad would serve, purely based on its form factor. The key thing, like we had suspected,  seems to be the form factor.
Link: How the iPad is changing Art and Music

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Can you name the one app thats on every second iPad out there? ABC’s TV watching app. ABC is the only television network so far to offer an application for watching its shows free—with ads—on Apple Inc.’s new iPad tablet computer, and it says its business model is proving fruitful.
The network said that in the 10 days since the iPad’s debut, its TV-show watching app has been downloaded 205,000 times, giving the Walt Disney Co. unit a presence on nearly half the 450,000 devices that Apple says it has sold. …