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From the Apple iPhone developer agreement:
 Except for the distribution of freely available Licensed Applications and the distribution of
Applications for use on Registered Devices as set forth in Sections 7.1 and 7.2 above, no other
distribution of programs or applications developed using the Apple Software is authorized or
permitted hereunder. In the absence of a separate agreement with Apple, You agree not to
distribute Your Application to third parties via other distribution methods or to enable or permit
others to do so.
Source: Eff. This clause throws some of the scenrios we had dicussed, in OneForty …

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Martin Langeveld, a longtime newspaper executive who is now engaged in marketing, public relations and strategic planning,  has written a whitepaper on iPad strategies for Publishers.
Here is the part we liked the most:

We’re only at the beginning of understanding what’s possible on iPad et al. Early concepts like the Sports Illustrated demo are heavily rooted in print, lacking hyperlinks or social functionality. At some point, we should expect a new kind browser created especially for tablets, significantly different from standard browsers, that enables easy touch navigation to let people move …

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As long as you dont jailbreak the iPad, that is. In Apple’s ‘i’ ecosystem, the true genius is the App store. Sure, it took Apple some unpopular moves to make it the sole destination for all apps on Steve’s devices – but the heat they took on these issues, may be well worth it. And more. Just look at how easily they can ‘control’ what goes into the device – its mind boggling how a company can manage how its device is being used in such detail.
Forget censorship, we now …