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AT&T is not looking at the iPad to bring in a flood of users to their 3G network. The company believes that the device would be mostly used on WiFi networks, according to CEO Randall Stephenson .
While AT&T has agreed to provide wireless connections to the iPad tablet computer, Randall Stephenson said he does not expect the device to result in many new service subscriptions for AT&T as consumers will instead use Wi-Fi or prepaid services, where they do not have to sign a service contract.
“My expectation is that there’s not …

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With the advent of eBooks and devices like the Kindle and soon the iPad, the whole concept of lending and borrowing books could soon become a thing of the past. The basic problem we have is that there is no way we can lend our eBooks, at this point. You have to lend the device, which is not very ideal.
There have been speculations about applications being built for libraries to manage the number of copies of a given eBook. This is definitely possible with today’s technology – but there is …