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(We had posted this as ‘The real question facing Amazon’ earlier)
Well this has been discussed in a lot, but has not been worded right – so we thought we will give it a shot. The real question facing Amazon:
Sell More Kindles Or Sell More eBooks
The funny thing is, pre-iPad, nobody would have thought selling kindles and selling books are mutually exclusive.
Before you shoot us – here is our logic.
1. The only way Amazon can sell more Kindles is by selling eBooks at attractive prices. Or, they need to hire Steve …

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Some facts on Steve’s Devices.
For the quarter ended Dec 31, 2009:
1. Number of iPhones sold: 8.7 million
2. Number of Macs sold: 3.4 million
3. Number of iPods sold: 21 million.
4. Apple Quarterly Revenue: $15.68 billion
5. Apple Net Quarterly Profit: $3.38 billion
6. Earnings – $3.67 per diluted share
7. Cash generated in quarter: $5.8 billion

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“Apple said Tuesday that sales of its upcoming iPad device will follow a model similar to that of the iPhone during its onset, with availability limited to the company’s direct sales channels and select other retail locations that receive Apple assistance.”
See. Hitler knew that
Source: AppleInsider